Vickers-Armstrong Wellington Mk.VIII serial no. W5653.

Wellington W5653 was one of a batch of 300 ordered as Mk.1c, and built at the Vickers factory in Weybridge between September 1940 and May 1941. Some of this batch, including W5653, were converted before delivery to Mk.VIII by the addition of ASV Mk.II Air-to-Surface Radar equipment.

. A Wellington Mk.VIII in later Coastal Command colours, showing the ASV Mk.II radar antennas on the side and top of the rear fuselage. Peter's aircraft would have had black undersides, with squadron letters DF and aircraft letter possibly A. .

W5653 was destroyed on 11th April 1941 when it crashed in the Donegal hills, while returning to its base at Limavady from an anti-submarine patrol over the Atlantic.

Source: various published histories of the Wellington.